Top 5 Signs That You’ve Found The Perfect Web Design Company

A great website isn’t all about its design. It’s a combination of different things put together to create something clever and creative. Like peaches and cream, SEO and web design are essentially meant to be together. The perfect recipe to build a successful website includes web design and organic search performance. When combined, they are invincible.

While the idea of working with a new website project may seem exciting, looking for an awesome web design company is not easy. As mentioned, web creation and SEO are inseparable. The smartest thing to do is to hire a company that can expertly handle everything – from SEO to website creation and digital marketing. Hiring different companies for each one of them might lead to miscommunication and worst, failure.

So you’ve finally found the company you want to work with. Learn what to expect from an SEO web design company. Here are the top 5 signs to know that you’ve found the one:


1.  Uses Effective Website Design Approach

Web design doesn’t revolve on art alone. Its design should demonstrate as to why web design is important.

A  web design company doesn’t only create websites that are creative but they must use an effective web design approach. In other words, the implementation of the design must be focused and smart. Thinking strategically means using the design effectively to make it search engine friendly and discoverable.

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From a designer’s perception, the ultimate goal is for optimal user experience while the ideal goal from an SEO specialist’s perception is for your website to rank and be discovered by its target audience. Such goals can be achieved together when done properly and strategically.

In today’s age of technology, our screen sizes are constantly changing.  According to CNBC’s news article about smartphone use, “nearly three-quarters of the world will use just their smartphones to access the internet by 2025.” That is why it’s a challenge for every web design agency to make the design compatible with any screen size.  Responsive web design guarantees user experience and usability. An experienced SEO web design company knows how to optimize your website in any device without even creating a separate mobile website. Google clearly prefers websites that are readable even on a small screen that is why more easy-to-use responsive builders are available in the market.

2 .  Defines Website Design Goals

A professional web design company has its target goals aligned with your own. They know the right questions and they listen to their clients’ needs and concerns. You know that you’ve hired a great web design firm if they have the following characteristics:


  • Have clear goals for the website


Before starting the project, they must ask you about your short term and long terms goals for the website and what to expect from an SEO web design company.

Start by asking the basic questions about what they hope to achieve throughout the project. It’s better to have a clear understanding of each other’s goals to have a smooth work relationship. It can also help them prioritize tasks and map out strategies.


  • Values your security


Security is an important factor for website owners. A well – versed web design agency knows where to find reliable web hosting companies that won’t compromise your data’s security. Believe me, being hacked would be the last thing you want to deal with.  Hackers are everywhere and if your design agency chose a web hosting company that provides a low level of security, you are in trouble. If possible, hire a web design agency that also provides web hosting services. Though it doesn’t give you full assurance that your site is safe, you can also ask the agency about their experience with the web hosting company.

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Top 5 Signs That You’ve Found The Perfect Web Design Company

3.  Understands Business Communication Importance

It doesn’t matter if you have a small or big business, one cannot deny how essential communication is in any type or size of business. A company that is committed to providing quality services should learn to share updates and express business-related concerns to its clients. It understands how crucial communication is in delivering results and achieving your goals.

Here are some important questions to think about for you to find out if the company you hired values you as its client:


  •     Do they have reliable 24/7 customer support?
  •     Do they respond to serious concerns or fix errors right away?
  •     Can you directly contact the person in charge?
  •     Do they have a project leader?


A web design company’s responsibility doesn’t end up right after the website is done. You know that you’ve chosen a good company if it’s responsive and has a customer service center to help you right away in case your website crashes or encounters errors. If it doesn’t have one, you should be given contact details to directly contact the manager or project leader to address concerns that need immediate action.

A professional web design company follows an organizational structure to effectively distribute tasks. It saves time to contact a person instead of communicating with everyone on the team. The project leader knows your goals and feels responsible for achieving them. Having a project leader also lets you stay updated because one of their responsibilities is to give you feedback or updates about the website’s progress.

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4.  Specializes in Web Design Jobs

A successful website does not completely rely on design and SEO but it also involves digital marketing and content planning. If you’ve hired a web design company that offers services with skill sets such as search engine optimization, content writing, web development, and digital marketing, then you’ve made a good business decision. An ideal project team consists of the following:


  •     Project managers
  •     Web designers
  •     Web developers
  •     SEO specialists
  •     Content writers
  •     Social media marketers


5.  Has Performance and Results-Driven Goals

A business can only be considered successful when it has attained and performed its ultimate goals. It is crucial to monitor how its design performs and if your strategies work based on your project goals. Here are some signs to confirm that your web design team is performance and results-driven:


  •     They measure results

  •     They invest in the best tools

To wrap it up


Pick the right web design company based on your business goals.  Most importantly, choose to build not only a website that is creative but it should be something that works.

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