Amazing Benefits Of Infographics To Your Business


In this modern time, technology has been helping businesses to create outstanding and unique promotional and other business-related activities to catch the attention of potential clients. It is better to make use of technology to stay relevant and keep up with the trend. A lot of systems and ways have been circulating on the Internet to aid big and small-time entrepreneurs with their business. The effectiveness of these ways may vary from one person to the other; but one thing is for sure, it is more convenient than the traditional way of promotions. One way that could help you with your business’s exposure is through INFOGRAPHICS.


Infographic is a combination of the words “information” and “graphics”. Infographics are graphic visual representations of information, data, or other related knowledge use to present information in a quick and clear way. In other words, these are collections of images, charts, and short citations to provide a comprehensible outline of a certain subject. The more eccentric and distinctive your infographics are, the more it is likely to hook the reader’s attention. Other than that, it is also used to give an explanation of complicated methods; show research discoveries or survey charts; provide a summary of long posts or reports; illustrate the pros and cons of multiple options; and even raise awareness about a certain campaign, issue, or cause.

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Amazing Benefits Of Infographics To Your Business


Here are the nine (9) of the most popular types of infographics that can be used for diverse purposes: statistical infographics; resume infographics; timeline infographics; hierarchical infographics; comparison infographics; informational infographics; list infographics; process infographics; geographic infographics

1. Statistical Infographics

This type of infographics puts an emphasis on your data. Your visual design will help you present your data. The designs include, but not limited to charts, icons, and striking fonts. You can also use avant-garde designs to highlight the key statistics that you think are more important.

2. Resume Infographics

This type of infographic is definitely recommended to those jobseekers. Instead of using the conventional format of presenting yourself to your target companies, you can turn your resume into an infographic. All the related information and data from your education and affiliations to your job experiences and skills will be presented with the use of figures, charts, and text.

3. Timeline Infographics

This type of infographic is used to visualize a progression or regression over a period of time. This style also puts a highlight of the most important dates and timelines in the history of a particular event, person, object, or movement. Using this type of infographic to show a specific timeline will help you form an easy to understand the picture.

4. Hierarchical Infographics

This type of infographic organizes data and determined knowledge into levels. A hierarchical infographic is of great use to show how the gathered information is arranged into different levels, and how these levels are linked with each other. The common figures or icons that are used to visualize this infographic are through charts like a pyramid chart or flowchart.

5. Comparison Infographics

From the name itself, this type of infographic compares two different ideas, notions, or things. When you are using this type of infographic, it is best to highlight the topic that you are comparing with for the readers to easily spot it. Put emphasis on the similarities/differences between the two subjects that you are comparing. You can also use various sizes or colors for the fonts to easily distinguish the points.

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6. Informational Infographics

This type of infographic is the best infographic to be used for explaining a new or specialized concept. It is also best to show a summary of the topic. The common form of an informational infographic is separated into sections with illustrative captions.

7. List Infographics

Basically, this type of infographic is best if you have a pile of advice, a list of methods, or similar to these two, that you want to share with others. This infographic is normally straightforward but should be more appealing than the regular list. Icons and similar figures can be used replacing the usual bullet points. Add creative and colorful fonts to make them more visually noticeable.

8. Process Infographics

As the name suggests, this type of infographic helps in explaining the steps of a certain process, quite similar to the flowchart. Simple as to say, you can use this type of infographic in cooking recipes, DIY projects, among others. Instead of explaining a complicated process in a longer way, it is better to use images and simplify the steps in strips of information.

9. Geographic Infographics

Last but definitely not the least would be the geographic infographic. This type of infographic can be used to further visualize the data based on its location and demography. It uses map charts and other related icons to show additional icons for different types of data.


In making a good infographic, it is best for you to know your target audience before deciding on what template should be used. Once you were able to distinguish the preferred audience and suitable infographic template, you can now think of an appealing and noteworthy headline. You need to remember, when writing texts for your infographic, it should be as brief as possible while keeping the flow of the story as comprehensible as it should similar to storytelling. Lastly, you should keep in mind to stick to a single topic.

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Infographics are one of the new and innovative ways to promote and market your business because of its aesthetic appearance which can easily attract the target audience. You can easily catch your target audience and send a clear and simple message about your business, and you can put the key information about your business in a way that can be easily understood by people. Do take note that these infographics are not just provided for excitement and engagement; more than that, these are created and used to help people understand and remember the topic of the infographics.

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