Astounding Advantage of LinkedIn Lead Generation

In the world of business, having the right kind of connections is definitely a must-have to survive. Building links can help you boost your own business’ profile to other partners or clients. This means that the more well-known your business is, the more likely are you to increase your business’ profits as well. The benefit of connections does not fall on businesses alone; it can also do good to the careers of any professional. Multiple websites, such as LinkedIn, have been designed with this in mind and, as such, have features that can help you scout companies and professionals to collaborate with each other.

LinkedIn’s Similarities To Other Social Media Company

LinkedIn is a social networking site similar to Facebook, Instagram, and MySpace. However, unlike the others that are built for the purpose of socializing and making acquaintances, LinkedIn is more about building a career or professional profile. This social network also enables the user to create their customize profile and connect to colleagues, acquaintances, and former classmates. It allows an individual to share and highlight work-related experiences, both former and current, that would help them to advance in their professional career.

Difference of LinkedIn To Other Social Sites

This is in contrast to other job-seeking websites, in which the professionals will be the only one to pitch themselves to the company to get the position they are aiming for. In LinkedIn, both parties will be the ones seeking each other out. Furthermore, LinkedIn does not only work for business to professional collaboration. This site has a lot of known advantages of B2B LinkedIn lead generation; LinkedIn, as such, works to business to business connection as well.

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Lead generation, in its simplest explanation, is the method of getting the consumer interest for a product or service, in one way or another, with the purpose of making that interest turn into a sale. To elaborate, a visitor and potential client will discover your business through one of your marketing platforms which can be your website, your blog, or even a social media page. Your visitors will be able to know more about the product and service that you offer, as found in one of your promotional platforms, and that will eventually lead to a profitable transaction.

Sales Leads and Marketing Leads

There are two types of lead generation market: the sales leads and the marketing leads. A sales lead can be either a person or company, who may become your client in due course. Sales leads are often sold multiple times to advertisers. Businesses earn admission to sales leads via multiple marketing platforms such advertising, trade shows, mailing, among others. Meanwhile, marketing leads, opposite to sales leads, can be sold only once. Moreover, this type of lead is created for unique marketer deals.

On the other hand, B2B stands for the business terminology “business to business.” Business-to-business is the circumstance when one business conduct a commercial transaction with another business. There are B2B commercial transactions in each industry, whether manufacturing or retail. While the usual way to increase the profit of the company is selling goods to consumers, we sometimes forget that we can also market and sell the merchandise to another business. This is basically how the concept of b2b works. To illustrate further, let’s say that Business A owns a manufacturing company that creates authentic and faux leather bags. Of course, in order for them to manufacture their products, they have to procure the raw materials which Business B markets. In this way, there will be a commercial transaction to happen between the two.

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It was already mentioned that there is a huge advantage of B2B lead generation. LinkedIn lead generation is definitely significant in B2B for the reason that it will definitely boost your business and business’ web traffic. Also, because LinkedIn is quite popular in the business world nowadays, it is best to use it in our advantage to gain more access.

Astounding Advantage of LinkedIn Lead Generation

Advantages of B2B lead generation:

LinkedIn Lead Generation Boasts a High Effectivity Rate

According to a survey released by, Linkedin is exceptional compared to other social media networking sites. The percentage of LinkedIn effectiveness goes as high 270% at lead generation than on Facebook and Twitter. The main reason is the account users of the aforementioned sites. LinkedIn users are more likely to be career-oriented individuals and decision-makers who are looking for opportunities to build their careers and grow their businesses, respectively. In this regard, LinkedIn is more reliable in contrast to the other sites.

Multiple B2B Opportunities

According to, there are 675 million LinkedIn all around the globe in 2020. Almost half of it is active in any given month; among these users who engage in the platform monthly, about 40% of them have daily access on LinkedIn.

Of these 675 million users, 90 million are senior-level influencers, 63 million are in decision-making positions, 17 opinion leaders, and 10 million C-Level executives on LinkedIn. With these numbers alone, it is safe to say that the chance to have a B2B opportunity is definitely high because you may be offering the products or services that they are looking for.

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Seek Out and Lock-On Your Preferred Audience

LinkedIn lead generation enables you to easily find the potential clients that you want to cater to, in a separate market. It also allows you to narrow down your market and zero in on the best possible prospects. Having said this, you can determine the niches where you think you can increase your sales.

Facilitate Brand Exposure

LinkedIn provides an avenue to promote your brand and increase brand awareness. Brand awareness expresses the exposure of your brand to your target market and determines how well-received your brand is.

These are just a few major advantages of b2b lead generation. LinkedIn has the tools and features that can help you in this matter.

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