How SEO Can Help Small Businesses At Home

How SEO Can Help Your Business During This COVID19 Outbreak

The coronavirus pandemic has taken thousands of lives as of the time of this writing but that, for sure, is not the only casualty left in the virus’ wake. Many businesses have to close up shop for fear of becoming agents of the coronavirus’ spread, and many of the smaller enterprises ended up having to operate online. This, by no means, is bad judgment in the part of small business owners — this, instead, is the next logical step for any business to take after they lose the ability to operate in the traditional brick-and-mortar way.

Run Your Business & Work At Home Safely

Now online businesses will need to find ways to draw attention to whatever it is that they offer, and you will have to make your enterprise as visible as possible online. There are many ways to get this done. For one, you can put up a comprehensive Internet marketing campaign that is designed to drive traffic to your site or social media page with the intent of getting your target audience to buy your offers. Another viable option is to straight-up invest in an online advertisement campaign that brings word of your business straight to your intended segment of the Internet’s populace. Both are effective in their own way and have associated risks, and both can incur some expense. A less costly option is available for small businesses, though, and it is no other than good old search engine optimization or SEO.

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How SEO Can Help Small Businesses At Home

What Is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization is basically making your site easier to find in the search engines — that is the gist of it. SEO is a lot more complicated than it sounds, however, especially since you will have to work your way around the search engines’ complex algorithms to make your business show up much easier in the search engine results page or SERP. Different search engines have different rules, and you will need to please everyone to maximize the efficacy of your search optimization efforts. Although this is the case, all successful SEO efforts hinge on the following:

1. Getting search engines to crawl your site.

Crawlers are what search engines use to index your site, so as to help the search engine rank it accordingly. These programs basically collect data from the World Wide Web for the search engines. They take into account all the internal and external hyperlinks to the pages on your site, which they later visit so as to move from one web address to the next. Moving through these links is how crawlers index sites for their parent search engine, which then makes the site’s network of links a very important detail to SEO. Site maps and menus solve the need for a comprehensive internal linkage while getting external links is what will take plenty of work. Putting word of your business out to other site owners via email or social media is a great way to build links, as is producing content authoritative enough for other sites to take notice of and give a mention. This then brings us to our next point.

2. Content is king, and make it so.

This is a familiar mantra in the world of SEO and for a good reason. Great content gets your site noticed and attention can earn you high-quality external links that search engines can then index. As such, you should put some effort into creating authoritative content that is relevant to your niche. It is also important to not be hesitant to show off your expertise in the subject matter. Quality alone, though, is not going to get your content noticed and linked back to, which is why you have to draw other site owners’ attention to it. There are plenty of ways to get this done, and the most popular methods include email outreach campaigns, social media shares, forum participation, and blog commenting.

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3. Optimize your keywords.

Keywords are how Internet users find webpages that they are looking for in the search engines. As such, it is important that you take time to do some serious keyword research before you embark on your SEO campaign, and there are plenty of tools that can be of help to you. Be sure that the keywords that you are optimizing your site for, however, is relevant to your business and boasts a high search volume but low enough competition to make it easier for search engines to squeeze your site in the top search results.

4. Use click-worthy titles and URLs.

Now that you have the search engine’s attention, it is time that you get its users to finally notice your site. Use eye-catching titles for your pages and make sure that your URL — that is, your web address — is readable and hints to the content that it leads to. Amazingly, search engines read URLs in a very similar fashion as humans do, and the readability of your URL can affect your site’s page rank.

5. Work on user experience (UX) and loading speed.

Expect users to start clicking on your site soon after it shows up in the search results, and you will need to do a good job to keep them in. For starters, you will want to optimize your site for fast loading, and this will involve some technical work that you can do yourself after a bit of googling. Also, it helps that you assume the perspective of the user when reviewing your site. Be sure that your visit to your own pages leaves you with satisfactory user experience, and if not, you will have to do some tweaks on its design to make it more engaging – user experience UX & CRO.

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What are the benefits of SEO while you’re at home running your business?

Search engine optimization essentially draws attention to your business without the need for any tangible marketing methods, such as print advertisement and storefront promotions.

There are plenty of benefits to this, which include the following:

  • You will not need to go to work at any physical location to promote your business.
  • SEO simply is cheaper and far easier to do than the more complex Internet marketing campaigns.
  • It helps you get new customers by making potential buyers find you. Furthermore, a high search engine visibility can land you social media shares and that much-coveted word-of-the-mouth promotion.
  • Getting easily found via search engines builds your brand’s authority on top of brand awareness.
  • The search engine is a mostly level playing field that makes it easier for you to overtake your competition with enough effort.

SEO is one of the best ways to keep your business running and churning out profits in spite of these trying times. Optimizing your site, though, is no easy task, and if you are looking to turn to professional help to get this done, the folks at is your best bet. The company boasts a solid knowledge in SEO, the ability to create content that gets social media activity and Google’s attention, and the capability to drive leads to your business by making it stand out among its competition online.

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