10 Incredible LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips and Ideas

LinkedIn is a great platform to generate leads because of its features. It allows professionals to connect with other professionals, businesses to connect with consumers, and businesses to connect with other businesses and pitch in the services that they offer.

A little bit of info about LinkedIn Lead Generation:

LinkedIn is a social networking site that is mainly used by businesses and professionals, and which enables them to engage with each other.

The main advantages of generating leads in LinkedIn would be, first, its high effectivity rate because the main users of LinkedIn are professionals, so it is more reliable compared to other sites and a huge margin of professionals particularly prefer LinkedIn over the other social media platforms. Next to this would be its multiple businesses to business opportunities because of the engagements that you can build on this site. The more people you can connect with, the higher the possibility that you can interact with potential business clients.

Unfortunately, it is a common misconception that, unlike Facebook and Twitter, the users do not use the site every day. However, the truth is that 40% of the total LinkedIn account users use it on a daily basis. That said, if you do it right, you can just easily generate leads for your own. Here are LinkedIn lead generation tips that might help you boost your own web traffic.

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10 Incredible LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips and Ideas

10 LinkedIn Lead Generation Tips

  1. Optimize your profile.

Always remember that you are not the only professional wanting to have an increased LinkedIn lead generation so it is best to make the most effective use of your profile. Though, this may appear basic, how you present your profile is definitely important. You will be engaging with unfamiliar people so it is best for you to optimize it as much as possible, or you would be considered as a spammer. However, optimization does not only work with your profile alone. You can also optimize your post for your followers and even potential clients. Since LinkedIn allows its users to have more promotional freedom than publication articles, you can use call-to-action phrases (ex. “buy now”, “click here”, “see more”, etc.) for maximum effect. It is also best to put in my mind that your post should not your readers and followers (and possible potential clients) to feel that you are not selling something to them.

  1. Targeting the Right Audience

LinkedIn has a free special reporting tool that helps you to know and understand more the kind of prospects that you are seeking out. It is called Website Demographics. It can get you more details about the characteristics of the professionals visiting your profile. In this way, you can already determine on how to interact and how to pitch in your service. This feature also helps you to narrow down the market that you think would be the most beneficial in generating leads.

  1. Craft A Convincing Message

When you are being interviewed for the position you are applying for, you need to give a good impression for you to be hired. Similarly, you also need to have a good impression on your visitors and followers in order to increase generation leads. You can do this by creating a powerful convincing message.

  1. Find and join groups that your prospects most likely frequent.

There are a lot of groups on LinkedIn, and this is the easiest way to scout for your potential clients. It will not be hard to find one relevant to what you are offering and you can easily get into. Don’t stop at simply getting a membership, though; engage other members and create meaningful conversations that will improve your reputation and grow your brand.

  1. Engage your audience as often as you possibly can.

Also, when you already know your audience, it is best to engage them more. You can do this by creating posts that will surely pique your audience’s interests. Do this regularly and you are going to be on your way to building a good list of leads.

  1. Address your audience’s wants.

Posting content regularly is not enough if you are looking to generate leads; you will have to make sure that it is exactly what your audience wants to see. Stay relevant to the topics central to your brand and those that brought your audience to your content in the first place.

  1. Put some money into paid traffic.

Invest in ads and other paid methods to generate traffic. This is your best option if you are earning enough to cover the advertising costs, if you are looking to do B2B lead generation, and have a well-tested funnel that can convert a huge volume of leads to sales.

  1. Don’t hesitate to give unresponsive leads a quick follow up.

Prospects that you have contacted do not always respond upon your first attempt. These are professionals and enterprises that we are talking about, and they are more or less busy with their own businesses, so they may need another knock or two before you can get them to talk.

  1. Do talk about other influencers.

Giving influencers a mention establishes you as someone up-to-date with the trends and recognizes the relevant authority in your niche. This can also facilitate an exchange between you and the influencers in question, and this can easily bring you into their spotlight. This is a great way to get attention which, in turn, will bring in traffic that you can convert to precious leads.

  1. Do some outreach campaigns to connect with your audience.

This is a very useful approach when you are selling something and are looking to connect with entrepreneurs or businesses. You will need to hone your cold emailing skills if you are looking to convince them to opt into your list and get good results.

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If you are looking for a great social media platform to find hot leads, nothing sure beats LinkedIn. Lead generation tips such as what we have listed above is just the tip of the iceberg with regards to what you can do to find leads in this social network. LinkedIn sure is not just Facebook with suits and ties, but a gold mine of opportunities waiting to be discovered.

LinkedIn lead generation is no easy work, and you would want to put it in the hands of a reliable company to save yourself some time and effort. The folks at Webzy.io practically create entire campaigns that actually work, taking care of everything from building your list to building a relationship with your leads. Check out what they can do at https://webzy.io/linkedin-lead-generation/


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