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Your brand is unique. Sure, it may serve the same industry as your competitors, but your approach, your team, and the way you do business is unique. So should your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Desktop & Mobile Optimization

That’s why at Webzy, we take the time to get to know your business so we can pave the road map to your SEO success. A trail no one else has taken, a path made especially to guide you to reach your target audience and area you serve.

We are your local digital marketing agency, and our goal is simple—to bring in new customers to your website every day through White Hat digital marketing methods, so you can rise through the Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). Our collective skill set as a digital marketing agency will enable us to reach this goal.

Optimizing WordPress, Weebly, Shopify & Other CMS Platforms

Every expert we have in our team is utterly utilized, from our expert digital marketer, our email marketing specialists, inbound marketing professionals, to our quirky creative team. We are well-versed with the most relevant SEO tools for web designing sites like WordPress, Weebly, Shopify, etc.

Whether you’re a company from Columbia, or a group of agencies in Washington DC, our interactive strategies and internet marketing prowess can bring you, new clients, every day and the results your company needs.

SEO is used by ecommerce sites, companies & other websites to help Google understand what your website is about and help you reach your desired market or audience. When your company is using good SEO practices, and if your content is found by users to be a good source of information, Google will take notice of your website. Your web page will then rise through the search engine ranks so it will be easier for more clients to find your company, especially if you’re on page 1 you will have a higher change of getting clicked thus more phone calls & conversions.

Gaining a good rank from Google will require the implementation of a good marketing strategy. One that is creative and well-written, not a page that is filled with keywords and advertising. Google updates its algorithm regularly, and those with bad SEO strategies will get wiped out from the search results.

If you want to see your company on top of Google’s search engine results, you better get a digital marketing agency that practices good SEO strategies.

Out of all the digital marketing agencies in Los Angeles California, Webzy stands out as a well-rounded marketing agency in the online advertising industry today. Our team is composed of professionals from different specializations. Our marketing agents are masters of SEO, inbound marketing, and creative online advertising. They work side-by-side with our web design and development experts. Focused on giving you results, and fueled by business-centric strategies, we make up a solid digital marketing firm.

SEO Company In Los Angeles CA

After we audit your website’s current state of SEO, it will be time to establish a strategy to get you the leads you need. Keyword research will be a big part of this step.

Ecommerce SEO Company

As an online marketing agency, our standard procedure is to help our clients from where they are as a company or an E-commerce website. Unlike other branding agencies, one of our priorities is to establish a marketing strategy that will bring you the leads you need. In this particular phase, we will conduct a Keyword Research.

Once we’ve gathered up a list of relevant keywords, our expert content creators will step in and generate keyword-focused content. We will begin creating blog posts, and engaging on-page marketing material. This phase will also involve the use of search ads. optimized URLs and more.

Within the marketing content in your website are meta tags, or pieces of code that provide descriptions that help search engines know what the web page content is all about.

After we’ve pinned down the type of content that website visitors are engaging with the most, and have analyzed the user behavior data, we will adjust our SEO strategy moving forward. The next steps will be more accurate and calculated.

Small Business SEO Company

Save yourself from hours of WordPress lessons or taking a crash course on email marketing. We’ve spent our entire professional life mastering digital marketing as an agency so you don’t have to.

As an agency, we’ve been in the digital marketing space in its earliest years. We’ve seen trends come and go in the digital marketing industry, and our agency has remained at the top of our game for years. Creating digital content for marketing purposes in this day and age is a quest for authenticity and a continuous campaign to prove the legitimacy of our agency. After several years within the digital space, it’s safe to say that we’ve mastered our marketing craft as an agency.

Just get in touch with our agency today and we’ll talk about how we are going to welcome new clients into your business’ website.