Top 5 Social Media Marketing Tips For Beginners

You’ve probably heard of social media and how it earned criticisms from the baby boomers because their feeds are flooded with millennials posting about their dogs or food. But social media isn’t just about an ordinary photo of a dish you just ordered. It’s actually more than that. You can introduce a new restaurant and promote it to your friends with only a single post.

Social media marketing tips are everywhere. It is a game-changer and definitely a powerful tool. For most digital marketers, it’s X-Men’s Jean Grey.

What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is an opportunity to grow one’s business. It uses social media channels such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and others to introduce, promote and endorse a certain product, business or celebrity.

What are the benefits of social media marketing?

There’s no doubt that social media marketing is an important marketing tool. And another good thing about it: it’s free.

It can find potential customers

It reaches a wider audience with only a matter of minutes and can target potential customers based on their demographics and behavior.

It promotes brand awareness

Before social media, it took years to build a brand. Now it’s easy to hire social media influencers to hype the brand with your target audience in mind.

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It drives traffic

It leads potential customers to your website, letting them know more about other products or services that you offer. You can create viral posts as much as you want to keep them more interested in browsing your page.

A successful social media marketing starts with identifying strategies that work for you. As a beginner, how can you get the most out of social media marketing?

5 Social Media Marketing Tips for Beginners

1. Discover More Types of Social Media Platforms


  •     Learn the features of different social media platforms


Discover and compare the strengths and weaknesses of the social media platforms you want to use. Take time to learn how you can use their features to your advantage. Facebook’s Page Interactions allows you to monitor your likes, shares and users’ engagement. You can gain insights from analytics pages to determine if your strategy or campaign is effective.


  •     Choose the best social media platform based on your niche    


Find out what’s the most popular social media platform based on what products or services you offer and how many followers you have. Focus your time and energy on social media profiles that have the most engagement. Instagram is the most ideal platform for brands and Internet celebrities. According to Hootsuite, over a billion people use Instagram everyday. This year, 75% of US businesses use Instagram. It appeals to the younger audience while Facebook appeals to a different age group.



2.    Grow Your Audience Using Social Media


Creating a social media profile is easy. What makes it difficult is making your profile fun and interesting, depending on your target customers. Your social media profile allows you to connect with your followers and introducing your company on a personal level.


  •     Optimize your profile


A great page starts with a great page description. Tell your followers what to expect from your page or an interesting story about how you started the company. Don’t forget to include your website link in your profile description.

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  •     Post great photos and interesting content


–       Whenever you are writing and sharing your content, always keep your readers in mind. After all, they are on your page because they want to read and hear more from you. The photos you post, links you share and comments you share do matter. Your social media page will lead your potential clients to your site. Thus, make sure to add the social media buttons feature on your website so they can easily share them on their own profiles.


  •     Invest in paid social media ad campaigns


Although organic traffic on social media is the best way to go, paid social media advertising is one of the fastest ways to reach more potential followers and improve your social media presence.


3.  Interpet Social Media Audience Analysis


Building a strong social media presence demands good audience engagement. Your page doesn’t only represent your business but it also represents your visions. In other words, your followers see you not merely as a company but as an individual.


  •     Learn to respond and react


Build a good relationship with your audience by responding to their messages and reacting to their comments.


  •     Take advantage of hashtags


Relevant hashtags are important to filter information and to reach out to your target audience. Make a list of hashtags that speak about your business so your followers can easily find your posts.


4.  Measure Social Media Marketing Performance


The only way to know if your strategies work is to monitor your results. Growing an audience takes time and money that is why it’s practical to immediately identify which strategies work and which ones don’t. Social media platforms allow you to get insights such as website clicks, profile views and more. You can also use free social media tools.

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  •     Track the number of likes and shares


Keeping track of how each of your posts is performing is crucial and an opportunity to compare your content. Your post that gets a high number of likes and shares only means one thing – you can create similar content in your next posts and get good responses from your followers.


  •     Track your followers


You gain new followers because they are interested in your content, curious or just looking around. Some platforms have features that let you view a follower’s demographics and activities.



5.  Hire a Digital Marketing Expert


You can always look for effective social media marketing tips online and learn things your way. Or you can choose to hire and learn from an experienced social media manager. It takes strategies and experience to be a successful social media marketing expert.


  • Strategist


A good social media campaign involves an effective social media strategy plan. Hire a social media expert who is constantly discovering new tools and learning new strategies. Your goals must revolve around your content, follower engagement and choosing the right tools.


To Sum It Up


When done right, social media marketing is a weapon that you can use to your advantage. To sum it up, there are three important points to put in mind to better understand how social media marketing works:


  1.     Your page is your starting point


  1.     Audience engagement is everything


  1.     Be smart and invest in using social media features and tools. Also, never stop reading and discovering more social media marketing tips.


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